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build your brand with
professional photography

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I'm Adeline

- Louise

"My images have given my business such a professional face lift. I am now a lot more comfortable charging my worth!"

9 years in business

2021 best of delaware winner

newborn session packages

LLC, insured, and trained

choose the package that's right for 


Session includes:
Approximately 1 hour of session time
2-3 sets (baby will be wrapped and wrapped in props only, no posing included)
5 hand-edited images of your choice
Print release
Online viewing gallery
Option to add-on sibling and parent portraits ($50 additonal)
Option to purchase additional images  ($45/image or $200/complete gallery)

all wrapped up


baby love

Session includes: 
Approximately 2-4 hours session time
Parent/sibling portraits included
5-7 sets (combination of wrapped, props and posed)
15 hand-edited images of your choice
Print release
Online viewing gallery
Option to purchase additional images ($30/image or $125/gallery)
2-8x10 and 2-5x7 fine art prints


(most popular)

the {art}works

Session includes:
Approximately 2-4 hours session time
Parent/sibling portraits included
5-7 sets (combination of wrapped, props, and posed)
30+ hand-edited images (entire gallery included)
Print release
Online viewing gallery
1-11x14, 2-8x10, 2-5x7 fine art prints
16x20 wrapped canvas OR custom 10x10 bound Heirloom album with 10 spreads
Mini Maternity Session
(30 minute session on location or in studio, 5 retouched images, print release)


what you should know before you book your newborn session

Ideally newborn sessions should be booked during your second trimester of pregnancy. This is to ensure that you're able to reserve a session. I accept a limited number of newborn clients each month to ensure that my editing turnaround time stays as low as possible. If you have already given birth- don't worry- there is a good chance that I can still fit you into my schedule. (I love newborns that much.)

Newborn sessions typically take place in baby's first 4 weeks of life. My favorite timeframe to schedule is when baby is 8-18 days new because babies are most likely to have feeding figured out by then but are still in that super sleepy, super squishy newborn stage. Again, if your baby is more than 4 weeks old, don't despair, there is a good possibility that we can still capture sleepy newborn pictures.
Worst case scenario: we get alert, eyes open pictures (grandparents really love those)! If babies are born premature and spend time in the NICU we throw all of the "rules" out. If your baby is born early, please do not worry about missing your session. I am happy to accommodate you once baby is released to come home.

Once you've filled out a contract, you have secured a spot in my calendar based on your due date. Rest assured that your session is secure and you don't need to do anything else until baby makes his or her grand entrance. Once baby arrives and everyone is home and settled, send me a message to let me know and we'll find a suitable date for your session. Whenever possible, I prefer to schedule newborn sessions in the morning because babies sleep better for me in the morning. Newborn sessions typically take place on weekdays at 10:00am. However, limited Saturday sessions are also available. 

Please know that I take your baby's safety and the health of your family very seriously. I am always up to date on vaccinations pertaining to babies (TDAP, COVID, and Flu shots included). I wear a facial mask for all studio sessions. You are NOT required to wear a mask or facial covering during your session.